Vehicle technology used to combat dishonest insurance claim

Information recovered from ABAX’s Triplog technology was used to uncover a dishonest insurance claim relating to a hire vehicle.
ABAX Triplog

The vehicle belonged to ABAX customer Practical Car and Van Rental and once the deception was discovered it allowed Practical to claim back the costs incurred that, in effect, paid for having the technology within the first month of use.

A customer of Practical Car and Van Rental, based in Milton Keynes, had hired a vehicle from the company and drove it to Paris.

Once in the French capital the customer contacted Practical Car to report a burning smell coming from the vehicle which was so strong that the fire brigade had been called.

Practical Car told the customer not to use the vehicle. The company then arranged through their insurance policy for the customer and his family to be flown back home to the UK.

However, when the vehicle was later recovered from the dealership it was discovered that the vehicle had been used after the time of the reported fault and no fault was found. This detail was discovered from information relating to vehicle movements stored by the ABAX Triplog system fitted to the vehicle.

This meant Practical Car were in a position to reclaim the costs.

Chris Miller, ABAX UK Chief Executive, said: "The data from the technology fitted to the vehicle was able to prove a dishonest and potentially fraudulent claim had been made. This will allow our customer to claim compensation that, in effect, paid for the immediate cost of having the ABAX technology.

"Telematics hardware has a number of benefits, but this example proves it also helps to avoid instances of insurance fraud, which ultimately drive up premiums for everyone. We are seeing more and more car hire firms using telematics systems. The ability to recover vehicles following the first notification of loss is key."

ABAX specialises in technology including Triplog mileage capture and fleet management software.

Practical Car and Rental, Milton Keynes, has a fleet of around 200 vehicles with around half fitted with the ABAX Triplog system.

Chris Sawyer, Rental Manager for Practical Car & Van Rental, said: "We responded to the customer using the immediate information available to us and our priority is alway the wellbeing and comfort of the customer. However, we do have to be aware of potential fraudulent cases and the information stored by the ABAX Triplog system proved to be invaluable."

In a report issued last year, it was claimed telematics could save the rental sector £5 million annually in insurance costs. [1]


1 - In a report issued last year, it was claimed telematics could save the rental sector £5 million annually in insurance costs.

Image attached: The ABAX Triplog technologyImage attached: Chris Miller, ABAX CEO

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