The ABAX Digital Mileage Claim solution is perfect for any business that operates company, pool or fleet cars. When switching from a manual process to our HMRC compliant digital solution, our customers save an average of £500 per vehicle, per year. A digital, paperless solution improves data quality, reduces fuel spend and significantly reduces administration time for drivers and administrators. 

With ABAX Digital Mileage Claim expect the following benefits:

  • 10% reduction in total fuel spend
  • Mobile app for all drivers
  • Increase productivity by 2-hours per driver, per month
  • 100% accurate, consistent and HMRC compliant records
  • Paperless and auditable records stored for up to 7 years
  • 100% privacy compliance in line with GDPR
  • Automatically track Advisory Fuel Rate fluctuations and eliminate manual calculations
  • Open API to integrate your payroll systems


Each vehicle is installed with a GPS device that captures accurate trip data visible only to the driver. By using the ABAX Mobile app, driver administration time reduces from 2-hours per month to virtually zero and the potential risks of insufficient information, inaccuracy and mileage rounding are eliminated.


Whether your fleet has 1 pool car, 50 company cars or 1000 grey-fleet cars, streamlines the long-winded, out-dated manual process to a paperless, cost-neutral solution that adheres to HMRC regulation.


Each driver has full control over their trip data and privacy settings. All trip data remains private until the driver submits a digital business mileage claim. Once submitted, the administrator only has access to the business trips- private trips will always be hidden. 


Digital Mileage Claims are delivered directly from the ABAX Mobile app to the appropriate Administrator. Quality checks can be made and inadequate claims returned to the driver with comments. If approved, vehicle mileage rates are calculated and automatically account for vehicle swaps and mileage rate fluctuations. Each record is digitally stored within the system for up to 7 years; ready for a potential HMRC audit. 


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Alternatively, download our white paper to find out if you're at risk of a tax penalty! 

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