What is Equipment Control?

The ABAX Equipment Control is a rugged, reliable and cost-effective unit that is on duty around the clock, under all weather conditions. The system’s detailed digital maps of asset locations, equipment usage logs, showing after-hours use, and service notices can be viewed on your internet-connected smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC.

Why do I need Equipment Control?

To track your Powered Equipment

Equipment and other valuable possessions to be monitored are referred to as powered equipment if they have their own power source that an ABAX Equipment Control unit can be connected to (for example; cars, boats, or tractors). ABAX Equipment Control units for powered equipment have internal backup batteries and require an external 9 to 32 volt DC power source.

Features: All ABAX Equipment Control functions, including ABAX Usage logging.

To track your Non-Powered Equipment

ABAX Equipment Control units for monitoring equipment that does not have an internal power source, such as, containers, trailers, or vehicles and equipment in dead storage, can operate for several years using an internal, long-life battery and special power-conserving configurations. Our non-powered units are produced in two versions, standard and large, according to the capacity of their battery packs. Installation requires only that you mount your ABAX Equipment Control unit in a protected location on the equipment you want to monitor.

Features: All ABAX Equipment Control functions, with the exception of usage logging. 

There are three packages available for ABAX Equipment Control: Where is it, Where was it and What happened. To find out more about ABAX Equipment Control, click here.

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