Before purchasing a vehicle tracking system for a fleet of vehicles, it is important to define what the specific requirements are of the organisation and compare which suppliers are able to meet the required criteria.

Differences in contracts

The differences between contracts should be considered. Signing up to a contract is a long-term commitment, therefore vital that the contract that you sign is the correct one for you. 

  • The first thing to consider is the duration of the contract - is it 12, 24, 36 months?
  • The next thing to consider is the termination of the contract - do you need to buy yourself out of the contract to get out of it prior to the end date of the contract?
  • When the contract period ends after the duration of time that you signed for, will it renew automatically or should a new contract be signed for the vehicle tracking to continue?

Hidden costs

It is also important to consider what the price of the product includes, before purchasing - you don't want any secret costs creeping up on you throughout your contract.

  • Are there costs involved for installing the products? And also de-installing when you are switching units or removing them?
  • If the unit breaks during the contract period, will it cost to replace it? 


You must consider the add-ons that you could add to the solution to make your fleet of vehicles run more smoothly and streamline your business.

Privacy Policy

As a result of digitalisation and the advances in technology, it is important that you research the privacy policy of the organisation that you purchase tracking from, as you want your data to be secure.


It is also important to consider the differences within the warranty policies between different suppliers of vehicle tracking. 

  • Is there a chance of hidden costs?

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