A study by Tires and Parts (2017) revealed that having telematics in a vehicle is a profitable investment. Telematics increases safety for a company, reducing unnecessary vehicle usage, as well as fuel consumption.

Not only have ABAX customers demonstrated a reduction in their fuel costs and increased revenues as a result of the introduction of digital mileage claims, however a study from 2017 proves this too, reports Tires and Parts News Portal .

Efficient logistics and customer service

In a business where multiple vehicles use digital mileage systems, it is possible to see the location of the vehicles in order to streamline the logistics of the vehicles. For example: if a customer calls in and wonders when their delivery will arrive, the logistics manager is able to open the digital map to see the exact location of their company cars, and choose the car that is closest to the customer. The customer will then receive the exact time of delivery. The GPS system also enables the logistic managers to plan the most efficient routes for their fleet of vehicles.

Companies that are not prioritising their customer service will not be successful, as customers require availability and reliability. We believe in this at ABAX, and focus on customer satisfaction and customer service around the clock. Our customers can contact our customer service department 24/7 if they have any questions or need help. 

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60% lower fuel consumption

With electronic mileage claim systems, people and companies are keeping their cars for longer because they use intelligence. It also means that fuel costs are reduced. The study shows that fuel consumption decreases by 60%, due to the usage of vehicles being analysed and streamlined.

Security staff at the company

Digital mileage logs not only create security, but also safety. If a driver has problems with the vehicle in the countryside, they become lost or injure themselves, the logistics manager will know the exact whereabouts of the vehicle and can contact the driver.

Keep track of stolen cars

The study also certifies that the ability to recover stolen cars increases noticeably with a digital mileage claim system

Tires and Parts News Portal conclude that "the benefits definitely outweigh the costs in the long run."


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