One such technology is known as a 'digital mileage claim system' not only does this provide pinpoint accuracy and tax compliance, but it can also help to improve efficiency and reduce fleet costs. A digital mileage claim essentially works in the same way as a manual mileage claim, except now information is collected automatically and accurately via a device with GPS recording capabilities. Consequently, this paperless solution protects from inaccurate and incomplete mileage claim records.

Research by ABAX has shown the use of a paperless digital mileage claim system not only provides compliance and 100% accuracy, but also drastically reduces administration time. Once implemented, expect to see administration reduce by an average of 2 hours per month for drivers and 45 minutes per driver, per month for administrators.

The best bit, an effective digital mileage claim system is cost neutral. The reductions in cost from fuel over-estimation and drastic reduction in administration time, greatly outweigh the system cost. 

Whether your fleet has 1 car or 1000, Triplog streamlines a long-winded, out-dated manual process to make a more robust, efficient, cost neutral solution that keeps a business HMRC compliant. 

ABAX Triplog benefits

  • 10% reduction in total fuel spend
  • 100% accurate records
  • 100% tax compliance
  • Significant administration reduction
  • Increased productivity - profitable work vs manual paperwork
  • Reduced servicing costs for company car fleets
  • Digital trip verification for HMRC
  • Paperless - lifetime digital records (HMRC require 6 years)
  • Duty of care
  • 100% privacy compliance

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