• ABAX Data storage – ensures data safety through secure servers
ABAX Equipment Control a GPS tracking device that enables full control and detailed information of the whereabouts of company equipment and assets
ABAX Fleet Management a tracking device used to manage, control and operate a fleet of vehicles
• ABAX Mobile – a mobile app enables you to register the purpose of your trip, comments and parking notes from your smartphone
• ABAX SMS Service – the ability to send text messages to employees instead of having to call them
ABAX Tags a system feature making it easier to organise assets by labelling and tagging vehicles and assets with words and descriptions
ABAX Triplog a smart solution for anyone using a vehicle at work – automatically documents all driving via GPS technology
• ABAX Vehicle Admin – provides a total package of information on an employer’s vehicle fleet
• Active map – live map that shows the whereabouts of a fleet of vehicles in real time
• Digital mileage capture – logging mileage through a digital system
• Geo-fence - an area in which can be monitored virtually. If an object moves out of this range, an individual will receive a message/notification that the object is outside the permitted range
• Interface – the ABAX interface enables customers to interact with a computer to access their mileage claims
• IP67 – an Environment Protection standard making a unit waterproof for a maximum of 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes
• Live traffic – a feature that allows the operator/drivers to see where traffic is, so that they can take a different route
Mobile app an application that can be used on a mobile device, being: a smart phone or tablet
• Notifications – a notification will alert the fleet manager if there is an issue for example: if a piece of equipment is out of a specific area
• Out of hours – using a vehicle out of the working hours of the organisation
• Packages / Add ons – extra features that can be added onto a customer’s contract
• Scheduled Reports – you will receive the most important reports to your email
• Self-installation – the ability to install a product without needing a technician to install it
• Spot search – allows you to see the movement of a fleet of vehicles in a specific area and time period
• Triplog report – automatic registering and reporting of mileage digitally
• User (administrator) – the person in charge of monitoring the tracking system via the interface
• Work hours – working hours vary on the company, for example: 8am until 5:30pm. In this time, an employer is able to see their employee’s vehicle movements. Anything out of hours, the employee is able to hide

• Company car – a vehicle that is owned by the company but given to the employee as a benefit. The employee may use the car privately and therefore pays a Benefit in Kind tax
Grey Fleet a private car used for business purposes
HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
LGV Light Goods Vehicle
• OBD – On Board Diagnostics – a system that is able to self- diagnose and report about a vehicle
• Odometer – is a tool that displays the distance travelled by a vehicle
• Pool vehicle - A vehicle provided by a company for the business use of several employee.
• RPM – Revolutions per minute
• ULEV - Ultra-low-emission vehicle - A motor vehicle that emits extremely low levels of emissions

• BIK rate multiplier – company car calculation against the Co2 and fuel type of a vehicle to determine BIK/FBIK values
• AFR - Advisory Fuel Rates. Rate at which business fuel is paid back in a company car pence per mile.
• AMAP - Approved Mileage Allowance Payments. This is the rate at which business fuel is paid back in a grey fleet vehicle (pence per mile)
BIK Benefit in Kind – a tax paid against a vehicle to allow private use
• Commuting - a trip between one's home and permanent workplace
FBIK - Fuel Benefit in Kind – a tax paid on a vehicle to allow private use.
Fuel Scale Charge a fee that is paid to the HMRC if a business reclaims VAT on fuel for private motoring. This charge is based on the CO2 emissions of the car and not the actual amount of private usage
• Fully expensed (Fuel benefit) – when a company pays for the fuel of all private trips in a company vehicle
• HMRC – Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. The authority responsible for the collection of taxes
• Insignificant private trip - A slight, irregular detour on a business trip. BIK exempt
• ISO – International Standards Organisation – gives official confirmation that a company continually improves and meets certain safety qualities and standards
NIC - National insurance contribution
• P11D form – A statutory form required by HMRC from UK based employers detailing the cash equivalents of benefits and expenses that they have provided during the tax year
• Permanent workplace - is a fixed location where the company resides, (i.e.) their office or workshop
• Privacy – the amount of information that can be held about an individual/company
 Temporary workplace - is a workplace to perform a task of limited duration or temporary purpose

• Accelerator – the right hand pedal in a vehicle that enables the vehicle to travel
 Alerts – a notification via text or email about a specific vehicle or asset
• Bluetooth - a wireless technology which allows an exchange of data over a short distance
• Business trip - using a company vehicle for business use such as: driving from the office to a work meeting
• CANbus – the tool where information can be pulled from – this is used for our Fleet Management System
• CSV – Comma Separated Values – this file allows for data to be saved in a table format
• Dashboard – an information system that provides an interface offering important information
• Driver ID – a tool identifying the driver of the vehicle by the use of a key and reader (see RFID)
GPS - Global positioning system
GSM Global system for mobile communications
• Insignificant use – (an example) - an employee using a company van to take an old mattress or rubbish to the tip once or twice a year
• Mileage claim – A system to record and differentiate private and business mileage
• Mileage records – the details that a mileage claim must include, these being: dates, start/finish locations, mileages and reasons for all business trips
• Permission / Access Rights – controls what can be seen by an individual
• Point of interest – mapping feature that allows the monitoring of key locations
• Private trip – using a company vehicle for private use for example: to do a weekly shop
• Real Time – the capability to see the status of a vehicle and any occurrences as soon as they happen
 RFID Radio frequency Identification – a key that attaches to a RFID reader to identify the driver of the vehicle if there are multiple drivers in the same company vehicle
• Roaming – the ability to keep the connection of a wireless device outside
• Significant use – (an example) – using a company van to do the supermarket shopping each week
• Sim card – a smart card containing an identification number unique to its owner storing data
• SMS – short message service- a text messaging tool
• Snail trail – a view of the journey a vehicle has taken in a period of time
• Street level mapping – the ability to see a street level view of vehicles and equipment
• Tachograph – a device that records information from a vehicle
• Telematics – collecting, processing and presenting vehicle data via information technology and telecommunications
 Tracking device a piece of hardware that can be used to track an object e.g. a vehicle