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1) Mileage Record Guide for cars: Are your mileage expense records HMRC compliant for 2018-19?

Compliant usage of cars within the workplace is governed in accordance with taxation policy and regulation outlined by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). With an ongoing focus on business mileage expenses, subjective grey areas in legislation and eye-watering tax penalties; it is vital that a business address their processes and get their records compliant. 

Ensure that your mileage records for you company cars are tax compliant for the year 2018/19, by downloading our white paper: 

2) Light Commercial Vehicles: Are you running a HMRC compliant fleet? 

Compliant usage of vehicles within the workplace is governed by different bodies in accordance with the categorisation of the vehicle. Cars and light commercial vehicles, typically vans, are regulated in accordance with taxation policies set out by the HMRC. Commercial vehicles, generally Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV's), are managed in accordance with Driver and Vehicle Standards (DVSA - formally VOSA).

Ensure that your fleet of vehicles are HMRC compliant by downloading our white paper: 

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