The hardware used in all our products is based on a GPS device that automatically keeps track of every movement made by the vehicle. It communicates directly with our Track2Find Server via GSM or GPRS. All this is easily accessible through a user friendly web based interface. Communication via a GSM network allows Abax to automatically update firmware to include the latest developments and account for changes within tax regulations.


ABAX4 is our hardware-oriented core. This is well-proven technology that has been continuously updated and developed over the last 10 years in collaboration with Siemens and Telenor. This has elevated our technology to the forefront of our industry. It is an all-round solution and it communicates on all of the World's Mobile Networks and features the latest available GPS tracking technology. Combined with our radio technology, this means that ABAX4 can use three positioning platforms. GSM positioning, radio direction finding and of course GPS positioning.

Track2Find (T2F) is the foundation of ABAX's Technology. This is our Web-based Software that controls all of our Fleet Management and Equipment Control products and services. The System is module-based and can be easily accessed via the Internet by all of our customers. T2F has been installed in ten Countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Each user has their own ID and password for logging on to see their units 'live' on the electronic map and their historical movements. T2F is connected with several of the largest GSM Suppliers in Europe. T2F controls 100,000 active units and licences for ABAX


HMRC Tax Compliancy

Best Price Guarantee

Lifetime Warranty

Data Storage

Apart from our warranties our products also meet the standards for ISO certifications, including ISO-9001 and ISO 27001  dealing with quality, customer satisfaction and IT safety.

Want to read more about ISO certification, click on the section about Quality, Safety and Environment.