Simple digital project management system

ABAX Worker is a project management tool that seamlessly helps your business to streamline the flow of information, and give employees an easier working day. ABAX Worker helps you ensure paperless and accurate handling of documentation and time tracking – directly from your smartphone. 

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Control in real-time
Nonconformity Reporting
Project Management
Time tracking

ABAX Worker gives you and your business full control in real-time. See where and when an employee checked in to a project or task. Get instant access to documentation such as checklists, deviations, hours and images. Monitor project completion and time tracking. Get the work done!

ABAX Worker allows HSE and QA documents and libraries to be easily accessible at any time. Both field workers and Project Managers can assign specific HSE requirements and QA documents, such as checklists, when creating and completing tasks and projects. ABAX Worker enables an organisation to adjust safety measures and ensure compliance and quality in every task.

ABAX Worker comes preloaded with a selection of HSE and QA documents that you can add to and continuously update and amend.  As a result, it is easy to facilitate good safety practices, compliance and quality both internally and on projects. 

Sometimes unexpected incidents happen during work. The ABAX Worker nonconformity reporting enables the Project Manager to continually monitor the correct level of HSE measures and improve project and task execution. Just as simple as sending an SMS, every Worker can register and document irregularities to give Project Managers real-time access to make fast, structured decisions on task revisions. Revisions that can then be communicated back to field workers immediately.

ABAX Worker takes the effort out of project management by allowing you to add customers, set up projects, create and assign tasks, and support work with relevant HSE and QA documentation. As a result, ABAX Worker provides an overview to determine whether the projects are on schedule and compliant. By giving Project Managers real-time access, it allows fast, structured decisions on task revisions that can be communicated to field workers immediately. All the field worker need is their smartphone.

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The calculator is based on reducing the time full-time employees spend on reporting and logging of working hours by 15 minutes per employee, per day. See our calculation

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Accurate time tracking is important for any business. Using the ABAX Worker time tracking feature, employees can register their time spent on various tasks during the day. A digital timesheet overview available to employer and employees at all times ensures entries are accurate, adequate and not missing.