Vehicle tracking for vans and mileage claim for cars

A GPS-powered vehicle tracking and mileage claim system is a smart solution for everyone who uses a vehicle at work. With ABAX Triplog you get the visibility required to control and reduce vehicle fuel costs, improve efficiency, and automate mileage records and time sheets.

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Tax rules


Filling in mileage and timesheet documentation manually can be very time consuming. Instead of your employees spending time on unnecessary tasks, have them focus on their work duties. Workdays are more profitable when working time is not wasted on administration.


With ABAX Triplog, you can closely monitor your commercial vehicles and eliminate unauthorised private trips – resulting in up to 20% reduction in fuel costs and more effective fleet usage.


A dynamic Google integrated live map allows you to monitor your fleet in real-time with instant updates. Fleet efficiency is improved and customer service is more responsive, accurate and easier.

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ABAX Triplog follows the recommendations of the tax administration regarding mileage claims for personal and company vehicles. Our expertise with all applicable tax regulations allows us to offer tax consulting as part of our customer service package, so you can focus on running your business.


ABAX Triplog does more than just record the whereabouts of a vehicle. It also contains all information required by the HMRC to make your vehicle tax compliant. For every business trip, mileage records should provide relevant information, such as: date of travel, mileage of journey, start and end address, reason for journey and what vehicle is being driven.


When it is determined that a business is not compliant with HMRC´s guidelines, penalties are calculated using incorrect P11D forms, unpaid tax, and National Insurance contribution (NIC) non-payment. This costly situation typically arises when a private benefit has been discovered but not reported - or the business simply does not have adequate records to support the nil-benefit declared.

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